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Who should join?

The Combustion Institute is open to anyone who is interested in research into combustion phenomena. For example, we have members who are physical chemists, fuel technologists, fluid dynamicists, combustion engine designers, fire scientists, environmental scientists, mechanical and aerospace engineers, detonation specialists and fire fighters.

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Members from each section of The Combustion Institute also organize sectional meetings. There are over 30 countries involved in The Combustion Institute with three sections in the U.S.: Eastern, Central and Western. Each U.S. section will typically hold a local meeting each year, and every other year the three U.S. sections hold a joint meeting, known as the U.S. National Combustion Meeting. All members and the general public are invited to participate in each of these technical meetings.

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How Do Members Benefit?

Our members receive substantial discounts on symposia and publications, and student members have access to student travel awards. Women members can participate with Women in Combustion (WiC), a group of community members in various positions in industry, academica, and national laboratories working to promote and advance women in the field of combustion. Members also have access to The Combustion Institute's quarterly electronic newsletter, which keeps members informed of each Section's activities and other developments of technical interest.

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