Student Travel Awards

Student travel award applications are now open for students in the Western States Section. The deadline for applications is March 11, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT.

The award (up to $150 per student) applies to students who are presenting at the meeting and are current members of the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute.

Applicants should apply using the online form.

The requirements for receiving a travel award are:

1) Membership in the Western States Section
2) Presentation of a paper
3) Confirmed advisor attendance
4) Registration as a student at your home institution
5) Preference is given to attendees that live farther away (> 50 miles) to cover travel expenses

After applicants submit the online form, they should have their advisor send a confirmation via email verifying the above five points by March 11, 2022 to Vi Rapp.

Questions about the program should be directed to the Program Chair .
Questions about registration should be directed to the Combustion Institute .
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