Call for Papers

Submissions are solicited for the 2020 Spring Meeting of the Western States Section of The Combustion Institute. Instead of full papers, we are requesting the submission of extended abstracts. Extended abstracts should be a minimum of two pages (approximately 1000 words) and should include at least one significant figure.

Extended abstracts should be submitted to one of the following colloquium topics:

  • Laminar Flames
  • Turbulent Flames
  • Fire and Fire Safety
  • Diagnostics
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Biomass Combustion and Gasification
  • Soot and Nanomaterials
  • Stationary Combustion Systems
  • Sprays, Droplets and Supercritical Combustion
  • Environmental Aspects of Combustion
  • Detonations, Explosions, and Supersonic Combustion
  • Internal Combustion, Gas Turbines, and Rockets Engines
  • Microcombustion and New Combustion Concepts

Instructions for formatting the extended abstract submissions are available at the Submission site.

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