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06S-01 INVITED TALK: Feasibility of Biodiesel, Professor Chuck Peterson, University of Idaho, Chair: Judi Steciak, University of Idaho

06S-02 The NIST Real Fuels Chemical Kinetic Combustion Model Database, D.R. Burgess, Jr., T.C. Allison, J.A. Manion, and W. Tsang, NIST

06S-03 Pyrolysis of 2-Phenylethyl Phenyl Ether, M. Jarvis, University of Colorado at Boulder, and D. Dayton, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and J. Daily, University of Colorado at Boulder

06S-05 Extinction of Methanol Flames in Premixed Flows, U. Niemann, J.A.H. Aerts, S. Humer, and K. Seshadri, University of California, San Diego

06S-06 Non-catalytic Fuel Reforming of a Rich Hydrocarbon Fuel/Air Mixture, S. Marras, M. Dixon, and J. Ellzey, University of Texas at Austin

06S-07 Engine Performance with Biodiesel Derived from Novel Soybean Oil, P. Wang, J. VanGerpen, University of Idaho, and T. Clemente, University of Nebraska

06S-08 Enthalpy and Mixture Fraction Flamelet-Type Model for HCCI Applied to a Rapid Compression Machine, D. J. Cook, and H. Pitsch, Stanford University

06S-09 Comparison of Emissions Analyzers for Exhaust Sampling from IC Engines, D. Cordon, M. Harper, and S. Beyerlein, University of Idaho

11:25 06S-10 Effects of Ambient Density and Temperature on Diesel Soot Formation with Heavy EGR, L. Pickett, and C. Idicheria, Sandia National Laboratories


06S-11 NOx Trap Regeneration Using Hydrogen Gas Mixtures, G. Madhok, J. Boles, D. Cordon, and S. Beyerlein, University of Idaho

06S-12 Effect of Dye Laser Mode Structure on LIF Signals, J.W. Daily, University of Colorado at Boulder

06S-13 Schlieren Visualization of a Ceramic Micro-nozzle, D. Plumlee, J. Steciak, and R. Budwig, University of Idaho, A. Moll, M. McCrink, and A. Coulter, Boise State University

06S-14 Application of Simultaneous Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry and Double Pulsed Acetone Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence to Study of Turbulent Premixed Flames, M. Thariyan, S. Filatyev, R. Lucht, and J. Gore, Purdue University

06S-15 Methyl Concentration Time Histories during iso-Octane and n-Heptane Oxidation and Pyrolysis, D. Davidson, M. Oehlschlaeger, and R. Hanson, Stanford University

06S-16 Laser Induced Fluorescence Of Acetone Inside Burning Or Evaporating Droplets, D. Shringi, B.D. Shaw, and H.A. Dwyer, UC Davis

Soot: Progress and Problems, Professor Adel Sarofim, University of Utah, Chair: J. Ellzey, University of Texas, Austin

06S-18 Oxygen-Flue Gas Recycle Combustion: A Viable Option for New and Existing Coal Boilers, A.C. Bose, U.S. Department of Energy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , P. Pranda, and F. Chatel-Pelage, American Air Liquide, Countryside, IL, H. Farzan, The Babcock & Wilcox Research Center, Alliance, OH (paper withdrawn)

06S-19 Modeling Upward Flame Spread Using a Time Varying B-Number, A.S. Rangwala, J.L. Torero, and S.G. Buckley, University of California, San Diego

06S-20 The Effects of Total and Oxygen Partial Pressures on Char Reactivity, L. Ma, and R.E. Mitchell, Stanford University

16:10 06S-21 Microgravity Flame Spread Rates over Samples of Polymer and Polymer/Glass Composites, D. Rich, C. Lautenberger, and C. Fernandez-Pello, University of California Berkeley

06S-22 Numerical and Analytical Examinations of Diffusion Flames Attached to Solid Fuel Surfaces in Weak Convective Flows, S. Jahangirian, and I.S. Wichman, Michigan State University

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06S-23 Developing a Gasoline Direct Injection 2-Stroke Engine for Snowmobile Applications, N. Bradbury, J. Johnson, A. Findley, and K. DenBraven, University of Idaho

06S-24 Effects of Cooling Techniques on Flame Propagation in a Centimeter-Scale Four-Stroke Engine, J. Pompa, S. Karnani, and D. Dunn-Rankin, University of California, Irvine

06S-25 Effects of Simulated Liquefied Natural Gas Compositions on Combustion Stability For Gas Turbines, D. Straub, D. Ferguson, and G. Richards, U.S. DOE/National Energy Technology Laboratory, E. Robey, Parsons Technical Services

06S-26 Modeling and Testing Dual Plenum/Runner and Single Plenum/Runner, C. Dean, A. Olson, L. Osiensky, S. Zimmerman, D. Cordon, and Steve Beyerlein, University of Idaho

06S-27 Effect of EGR on Diesel Premixed-Burn Equivalence Ratio, C.A. Idicheria, and L.M. Pickett, Sandia National Laboratories

06S-28 Genetic Algorithms and the E/A Method: Determination of Species and Temperature, J. Varieth, and J. Baker, University of Alabama

06S-29 Molecular Modeling for Thermodynamic Properties, J.W. Daily, University of Colorado at Boulder

06S-30 Rate-Ratio Asymptotic Analysis of Autoignition of n-Heptane in Laminar Nonpremixed Flows, K. Seshadri, University of California, San Diego , N. Peters, and G. Paczko, Institut für Technische Verbrennung, Rhein.-Westf. Technische Hochschule Aachen

06S-31 Further Investigation of the Invariant Forms of Conservation Equations and their Application to the Theory of Laminar Flames, S.H. Sohrab, Northwestern University

06S-32 Superadiabatic Combustion in Counter-Current Burners, I. Schoegl, and J.L. Ellzey, University of Texas at Austin

06S-34 Catalytic Ignition of Aqueous Transportation Fuel: A State-of-the-Art Review, B. Lounsbury, and J. Steciak, University of Idaho

06S-35 Flashback Studies In A Lean Premixed Combustor Operating On Hydrogen/Natural Gas Fuel Blends, D. Straub, T. Sidwell, P. Strakey, and K. Casleton, U.S. DOE/National Energy Technology Laboratory

06S-36 Combustion Efficiency of Aqueous Ethanol in a CFR Engine Modified for Homogeneous Charge Catalytic Compression Ignition (HCCCI), M. Harper, D. Cordon, S. Beyerlein, and J. Steciak, University of Idaho

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06S-37 Limitations of Empirically Derived Reduced-Order Models of Thermoacoustic Instabilities in Lean-Premixed Combustion, D.H. Ferguson, and G.A. Richards, National Energy Technology Laboratory (US DOE)

06S-38 Testing and Verification of a Ballistic Test Fixture and Data Acquisition System for Experimental Analysis of Bridge-Wire Initiators, K.K. Rink, A.C. DuBuisson, and C.K. Fischer, University of Idaho

06S-39 Relative Humidity and Hydrogen Explosion Limits: Strategies for Hydrogen Safety, Y. Li, and J. Baker, University of Alabama

06S-40 Observations on Upstream Flame Propagation in Ignited Hydrocarbon Jets, J. McCraw, N. Moore, and K Lyons, NC State University

06S-41 Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of Combustion of JP-8, its Surrogates and Reference Components in Laminar Nonpremixed Flows, S. Humer, Reinhard Seiser, K. Seshadri, University of California, San Diego, A. Frassoldati, S. Granata, T. Faravelli, and E. Ranzi, Politecnico di Milano

10:15 06S-42 Experimental Investigation of Fuel Autooxidation in the Presence of Ultrafine Powders, M. Sheldon, EERGC Corporation, Irvine, CA

06S-43 Magnetic Field Effects on Combustion Characteristics of Micro Flames, S. Swaminathan, and T.T. Charalampopoulos, Louisiana State University

06S-44 Feedback Control of Ion Current from a Small Diffusion Flame, F. Borgatelli, and D. Dunn-Rankin, University of California, Irvine

06S-45 Flame Shape Behavior of Diffusion Flames in Upward Decreasing Non-Uniform Magnetic Fields, S.S. Raju, and J. Baker, University of Alabama

06S-46 Numerical Simulation of a Laboratory-Scale Turbulent Slot Flame, J.F. Grcar, J.B. Bell, M.S. Day, M.J. Lijewski, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, J.F. Driscoll, University of Michigan, and S.A. Filatyev, Purdue University

06S-47 Effects of Co-Flow on Turbulent Lifted Flames near Blow-Out Conditions, N. Moore, J. McCraw, and K. Lyons, North Carolina State University

06S-48 Design and Fabrication of a Ballistic Gas Compressor for Calibration of Dynamic Pressure Sensors Used in Closed Vessel Testing, K.K. Rink, and R.A. Glass, University of Idaho

06S-49 Combustion in a Boundary Layer Above a Liquid-Fuel Film, L Colzani, T.K. Pham, D. Dunn-Rankin, and W.A. Sirignano, University of California, Irvine

06S-5 0 Heat Transfer and Flame Structure in Miniature Liquid Film Combustors, T.K. Pham, D. Dunn-Rankin, and W.A. Sirignano, UC Irvine

06S-51 The Feasibility of Mixture Fraction and Heat Loss Mapping for Characterizing Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames, N. Krishnamoorthy, D.R. Yeates, D.O. Lignell, J. Spinti and P.J. Smith, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City


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